Aloha Living Coastal Adventures' knowledgeable staff guides eco-tours for all levels of experience. Your comfortability is our main concern and we encourage you to provide us with as much information about yourselves as you can, so that we may tailor your adventure tour to best suit your needs.

We aim to share an "eco-experience" that you, your family and friends will immensely enjoy while increasing your awareness of the natural history and beauty of our Hawaiian home. By helping preserve and perpetuate the natural and social culture of Hawai'i, we bring to you an experience of wonder, amazement and fun.

Travelers like yourselves are becoming more conscious of their surroundings and mindful of the impacts they can have on the culture and sustainability of natural resources. We are prepared to offer you the kind of experience that will respect these issues and increase awareness of our precious habitat.

At Aloha Living Coastal Adventures, we aim to teach as well as to learn!

We are currently offering the following Eco-tours and Excursions:

In addition to taking you on a ecological excursion with a local guide, we also offer Equipment Rentals.

Please feel free to contact us anytime. We are always happy to hear from you, and we will respond as soon as we can. Aloha!


Aloha Living Coastal Adventures offers Kayaking excursions unparalled by any others in the area. Local outfitters are geared up to take you, your family and your friends on an unforgettable journey into the amazing Kona coastal waters. Our guides are very well informed about all safety precautions.

Wildlife such as whales and dolphins emerge spontaneously while kayaking in the waters of our beautiful coastline. Our guides are virtual experts regarding the behavioral patterns of the whales and dolphins, and are always up to date on the latests ecological information.

Aloha Living will equip and guide your entire kayaking adventure:

We rent Kayaks for your own private use.
We also rent Snorkels, Boogie Boards, Coolers, Umbrellas, and Bicycles.

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Puako is one of the premier destinations on the Kohala Coast. Trail and road conditions are optimum for touring by bicycle. We offer biking excursions with an ecologically knowledgeable Aloha Living staff member. We also rent bicycles for your own personal enjoyment.

We suggest taking your time to leisurely drive around our beautiful coastal area and become acquainted with this ideal biking area. At your own pace, you are able to explore further and longer all the wonderful surprises in store for you in this area.

Off pavement travel is recommended for its exquisite views and authentic adventures around our natural habitat. Although most parts of the bike trails are easily maneuvered, please be aware of Kiawe trees, thorns, and thicker than usual rocky areas. Walking the bike for a few feet is always an option, particularly when popping a tire or taking a spill could occur. Of course, you are welcome to lock your bikes and go for a swim or hike a while further.

Bike trails from Puako lead to several isloated instances of ancient petroglyphs depicting family groups, birth scenes, fishing, hunting, boating, and what appear to be goddesses and gods. The petroglyphs were discovered after an excavation of Kiawe trees in 1955. They are an authentic and memorable sight and a must-see for visitors to the Big Island.

There is an access trail lined with gravel and lava rock that leads from the beach trail at the South end of Puako. You can park your bikes and continue hiking after the paved trail ends, but watch out for thorns. Just past the Beach trail from Puako and the Petroglyphs is the Mauna Lani resort and golf club. Aloha Living does provide bike lights, but we do not advocate cruising around in the dark. If you're out past dark, give us a call and we'll come pick you up.


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Aloha Living can provide you with all your snorkelling equipment needs.

Experience the magic of snorkelling the beautiful Kona coast. Imagine the exhiliration of swimming with dolphins, spotting sea turtles, and getting an up-close view of the amazing coral reefs.

Aloha Living also offers

Boogie Board Rentals!

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